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What is a Man Card?

Man Card: Required proof of Manhood in order to become a respected member of the male community. Can and will be temporarily revoked if privileges as a Man are abused.

Our buddy cried in public when his girlfriend dumped him, so we had to revoke his Man Card.

Understood? Now go get your Man Card, click here.

Who is

We are Official Man Card, LLC, and we formed our company in 2004 with one idea in mind – Issue every Man in the World their Authentic Man Card

What is a Man Card you ask?

After thirteen years, we have issued thousands of Man Cards to men on every continent across the globe, and the number of Man Card holders grows each and every day. A Man Card is not just a paper card, it is a Plastic, Credit Card Style Card that is printed with your Name, Flag of your Country, and Unique Member number, and it is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity along with Revoked Cards is the Store of

The Worlds only Authentic Man Card is issued here and only here. This is the store of and here you will find Extra Revoked Cards, Funny Tees Bud has come up with, and more. Along with unparalleled customer service, we are your one stop shop for anything Man Card.

So from all of us here at Official Man Card, LLC Stay Manly, My Friend

Bud and Tom
Founders, Official Man Card, LLC